Polga Medical Group offers comprehensive primary care medical concierge services.

Membership Benefits

Patients have 24/7 access to five-star medical concierge services, including home visits, direct contact with your physician, fast-track referrals and hospital admissions, and much more.

All Non-HMO Insurance Accepted.

  • Same/Next Day Access

    Same/Next Day Access

  • Immediate Mobile Phone/Texting

    Immediate Mobile Phone/Texting

  • Fast-Track Hospital Admissions

    Fast-Track Hospital Admissions

  • 24/7 Access

    24/7 Access

  • Sleep Hygiene

    Sleep Hygiene

  • Living Will / DNR

    Living Will / DNR

  • Telemedicine


  • Encrypted On-line Access to Medical Records

    Encrypted On-line Access to Medical Records

  • House Calls

    House Calls

  • Fast-Track Referrals

    Fast-Track Referrals

  • Electronic Prescription Refills

    Electronic Prescription Refills

  • Wellness & Weight Management

    Wellness & Weight Management

  • No Wait Times

    No Wait Times

  • All Insurances Accepted

    All Insurances Accepted

  • Flexibility Time/Place

    Flexibility Time/Place

Think We’re Expensive? Think Again.

Polga Medical Group offers individual and family plans for you and your loved ones. Contact us to discuss plan options.